Like Barney Stinson saying, “Everything you do, wouldn’t be legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” So I enjoy surrounded with friends. But actually I am a total introverted. But sometimes, when I am having a high mood, I act extroverted and crazy. And when my mood is high, I always enjoy writing.

So that’s why I have this “fortress of solitude” I called “Lame Lergic”. Everyone need a place where they can express themselves, write things they love. Whether it’s absurd, abnormal, impossible. Or even things that are boringly normal. This fortress is where my creativity, dreams, feelings, are laying in peace.

I mostly writes in Indonesia, but sometimes in English. Better using English when writing about feelings, but Indonesia for articles and review. Currently wanting to be a journalist, but possibly changing tomorrow. Loves to write about movies, politics, musics, travel, or basically everything that I find interesting enough.